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The Oz Vehadar Institute has come a long way since it was founded twenty years ago. It has become the foremost institute for publication of Torah literature in the world, thanks to the spirit and dedication of the people behind the scene. Oz Vehadar's teams labor night and day to produce Torah, with tremendous dedication and resolve. The goal is to enhance Torah learning everywhere, by producing products of superb quality.

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Are you learning the Daf and are tired of running to the book store at the last minute to get the next volume of Oz Vehadar Mesivtah? did you already have enough of going to the book store only to find out that they just ran out of the volume that you need?

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Your answer is finaly here. subscribe with your program and get your next volume delivered on time at your doorstep. no more last minute book store shopping, no more finding yourslef without the volume that you so desperatly need.

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